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Prospective students invited to “#CollegeMe at the LCRP”

by | Oct 03, 2016

The Learning Center will host a “#CollegeMe at the LCRP” event from 10 am - 12 pm and 4pm - 6 pm on Thursday, October 6, 2016. The event will be held at the facility, which is located at 1410 Neel Kearby Blvd., on England Airpark. Representatives from various institutions will be available to answer questions and share information about their respective programs and institutions. 

Check out the event brochure here!

Representatives from Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA) will be on-hand to assist prospective students with questions about and completion of their Federal Application for Student Financial Assistance (FAFSA).

New college students can find out about developmental and general education (core) courses that are useful in any degree field they pursue. Representatives from four-year institutions will also be available to share information about obtaining a bachelor’s degree or a graduate degree in a diverse range of programs. 

The Learning Center is the only consortium of colleges and universities of its kind in the state. The LCRP has coordinated college classes in its central Louisiana facility since 2003. Each institution sets its own deadlines for applying for admissions, and each institution has different criteria for admissions. Prospective students can find contact information for each of the institutions and/or programs by visiting the Learning Center’s Web site at

For more information on the “#CollegeMe at the LCRP” event, call the Learning Center at (318) 484-2184.