LCRP Technology

Smart Classrooms

The LCRP has 10 Smart Classrooms, each equipped with a dedicated computer and Smartboard to enhance faculty presentation and student experience.  The Smart Classrooms also feature an optional connection so presenters can use their own laptops for presentations.

Computer Labs

The LCRP had three computer labs.  Two of the labs are classroom labs and have 20 and 25 person capacities.  These labs are available for credit classes as well as for community and corporate training seminars.

The third computer lab located in the Library consists of 20 stations.  This lab is open to student use during library hours.

The LCRP policy for the computer lab applying to college/university credit classroom usage can be downloaded here: LCRP Computer Lab Policies.

Wireless Access

The LCRP offers free wireless internet access as a courtesy to all guests. To access our wireless network, the following settings are required.

  • Obtain an IP address automatically
  • Obtain DNS server address automatically

Technical Assistance

For technical assistance during hours of operation, please notify the LCRP's main LCRP office, or via telephone at (318) 484-2184 x102.

You can also contact the evening Technical Facilitator in the main office for support Monday - Thursday 5pm - 9pm.

If you are planning to use a Smart Classroom, Computer Lab, or other technical services on Saturday or Sunday, you are welcome to schedule a brief tutorial beforehand during operating hours. You can contact Leigh F. Doty at for more information. There is no on-site support service on Saturdays and Sundays.