7 most common lucky lottery numbers

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Nowadays, you can find plenty of gambling games on online and people are showing more interest to play lottery game. However, winning lottery game is not easiest task as you think. In such kind of situation using strategy is necessary one. If you wish to win lottery game then you must know about most common lucky lottery numbers that could be helpful to you. Suppose you are a newbie to win this game then you are advisable to follow some tips such as

Play most commonly drawn lotto numbers

According to the studies, report that there are six commonly drawn lotto numbers available like 23, 40, and 38 have tied that could be drawn 306 times over past couple of years. The most common numbers could pop up in lotto results that you can use it in your next play.

Play most overdue lotto number

Once you follow tips to win lottery then it is beneficial to win more money. With the help of most overdue numbers, you can easily win the game without facing any troubles. 17 is the most expected number that could be drawn 153 days ago.

Playing the least drawn lotto numbers

In a present world, gamblers are willing to choose this lucky number because it makes appearance in lotto drawings. It provides excellent results to improve your winning possibility.

Play the most common pairs

It is always difficult that which numbers might turn up together. You can follow some common drawn pairings such as 33-40, and 8-10 that could be drawn 46 times. On the other hand, 2-23 and 17-40 could be drawn 4 times in past several years.

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Play common triplets

When it comes to the most common triplets then it includes 2-23-40 that could be drawn 10 times over previous years. Similarly, 10-34-48, 6-12-19 and 17-22-38 could be popped up nine times over past few days so carefully choose the triplets.

Play most common consecutive triplets

Most of the people thought that it is quite unlucky for playing consecutive numbers in lottery but you can take advantage on the commonly drawn triplets because it can work well than you think.

Play most common consecutive pairs

Using consecutive pair into mix might work because it is maximizing your winning possibility so why cannot you use any of the common used draw pairs.

If you are following some unique strategy and lucky numbers then you can win the game so try to use the best lucky numbers.

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